TelescopeIn has a complete platform for you to carry out your research. Developed in a modular way, it allows work teams to structure a project to ensure complete data integrity. The product is divided into the following modules:

Research Programming: A robust software that allows the construction of research forms and data collection with different types of questions and answers, as well as features that ensure the configuration of a logical flow of the form.

Application: Available on Google Play, the TelescopeIn application allows field teams to download and install on Android devices and access the questionnaires programmed for your search, according to the permissions you set.

Control Panel: Track in real time how your field research is, and access the data collected. All this is available in a dashboard with the main indicators of your project.

Analytics: Consolidate or export your survey data according to your needs. Outputs of files to the main statistical tools of the market.

Segments that we operate
Market research

Web search, by application or CAT. All in one platform.

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Health area

Medical Audit and Patient Visits, all in digital format.

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Insurance and Financial

Inspection, analysis and request of credit in your hands.

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Do academic research, digital entrance exams or online enrollment.

Faça pesquisas acadêmicas, vestibular digital ou Matrículas on-line.

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Inspection and Quality

Perform audits, quality inspections or control ckecklist digitally

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Search prices and market. Understand the consumer profile and save time for decision making.

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